Gratitude Bite: Travel

The Airport

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The airport: For most people the airport is just the big hassle but for me it’s one of the highlights for a trip. I think it comes from when I was a kid and I was not able to travel a lot, but my Dad was. To my young self the airport was almost like a magical place because that was the place that connected me to everywhere in the world. I remember going to pick up my Dad from the airport after he left on business trips to places like Asia or South America bearing peculiar gifts from what i regarded as strange, adventurous, and mystical lands. Recently I have had more experience with solo air-travel and the airport still retains its magic properties in my eyes.


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Hotels: There is always something relaxing about a hotel. You get that feeling like everyone is there to help you, and though it might sound selfish, that is always a good feeling. Though this feeling may be artificial, from your perspective it feels like everyone wants what is best for you. You leave in a rush in the morning and don't have time to clean up? We've got you covered. You come home and everything is just clean, ready, and waiting.


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8. Cars: Have you ever pulled a handcart? It sucks. That’s why we have cars .But sometimes we take that for granted, your car breaks down once after having it for like seven years and you can’t help but think, “Agh my car is worthless! What’s the point of having it if it keeps breaking?” Okey, well the next time you get frustraited with your car just plop your stuff on a handcart, let’s see how happy you are after that. Count your blessings people.