Birth Order

Jason DeFisher, Amber Dahlman, Dani Jones, and Kristi Cash

Only Children

Only children are blessed with all of the love and attention of their parents. Only children tend to be perfectionists as well as leaders. Only children are also mature for their age, and diligent workers.
Famous only children include Alicia Keys, Shawn Johnson, and Samuel L. Jackson

Youngest Children

Youngest children are usually the attention-seekers, the clowns of the family. They're extremely outgoing, as they're constantly fighting their siblings for attention.

Famous youngest children include Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, and J. K. Rowling.

Middle Children

Middle children are people pleasers and they don't feel like they fit into the picture. Sometimes this child will be rebellious towards the oldest. They are always the peacemaker and have a large group of friends.

Famous only children include JFK, Princess Diana, and Bill Gates

Oldest Children

Only children are highly responsible. They are very likely to take leadership roles, such as astronauts or doctors. They are extremely conscientious and always do their best work.

Famous only children include Walter Cronkite, Kevin Jonas, and Beyonce