Support The Columbian Exchange

By:Edwin Xiao

What is the Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange is a exchange of North America and Europe they traded goods such as animals,vegetables,and plants.

One of the positive stuff is the horse because it helped native Americans hunt down buffalo.Another positive stuff is the vegetables because if there was no vegetables then the horses will die because horses and other animals eat vegetables so the vegetables are a part of the positive stuff.The third positive stuff is the animals like pigs because the native Americans eat animals and so they do eat pig is in the positive stuff.

One of the most negative stuff is the small pox because it killed most of the native Americans.The second negative stuff is the whooping cough because it did kill some of the native Americans.The third negative is the typhus because it killed native Americans.These are all diseases and diseases are very negative because a lot of native Americans were killed by diseases.

For The Columbian Exchange

People should vote for the columbian exchange.People should vote for the columbian exchange because there were good things in the columbian exchange like the horses and the horses helped native Americans hunt down buffalo more faster.If there was no columbian exchange than there will be no horses today because we did not have horses but after the columbian exchange we did because the Europeans brought over the horses to America.So now vote for the columbian exchange.