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September 7-September 11

Construction for Classroom Addition to Begin Next Week

Project Description:

Six Classroom Addition


Custodial Closet

Data Closet


Thurs. Sept. 3rd-Fences Go Up

Tues. Sept. 8th-Excavation Begins

Estimated Completion-Ready for 16-17 school year

Changes in Building:

  • End of F Hallway not used as an exit.
  • Follow Construction Evacuation Plans from this point forward.
  • C Hallway Breezeway not used as an exit.
  • Breezeway is CLOSED.


  • All workers are not using our restrooms. If you see them doing this, contact Doug or Melissa.
  • Workers outside should have hard hat with name, vest, and blue 3 leaf clover on it. If not wearing this, report to Doug and Melissa.
  • Workers shouldn't need to be inside the building, but if they are they will wear an WSD Construction ID and sign into the office.

First PBIS Reteach Lesson

Our first reteach lesson will take place on Tuesday, September 8th. Remember that directions for how to use the lessons and lesson locations are found in the Online Staff Binder. The lesson is selected because our building data shows the need for this area to be retaught to the students.

The PBS data team met this past week and reviewed our office discipline referrals for the month of August. Based on our data, we need to re-teach respectful behavior on the bus with an emphasis on voice level and language. Please spend a few minutes in a class meeting on Tuesday, September 8 RE-TEACHING the expectations of being respectful on the bus.

The PowerPoint where this lesson can be accessed is on the online binder under the PBIS tab>Lessons>click the link>click the About tab> scroll down to Reteaching Bus Expectations.

Is your growth plan submitted in Iobservation?

Just a friendly reminder that your growth plan should be completed and submitted on Iobservation at this point. Doug and Melissa are beginning to approve these plans. These plans need to be in place since we are already beginning to observe.

There is a "How To" in the online binder if you need a refresher!

Do you need extra help with students? If so, click below and sign up for help from Megan and Heather.

SRI Update

Here's the latest update regarding SRI:

1) Student rosters have been updated and imported into SRI.

2) David has created teacher accounts in SAM (the management side of SRI) for each teacher that has students using SRI.

Logging into SAM:

Go to:

Username: firstnamelastname (johnsmith)

Password: Wsd##### (where the ##### is the teacher’s copy code or employee id number)

David created teacher accounts for a couple reasons:

...To allow buildings to add students when they need to add students, rather than waiting for another import to occur. Periodic updates to SRI will not be done this school year.

...To allow teachers to have access to student level reports on demand, rather than waiting for a paper report to be delivered to them.

Adding students into SAM:

- Student ID and username should be the same. You can find the username in SISK12.

- The password is a student’s lunch pin. You can find this in SISK12

- Make sure the first name and last name are the same as they are listed in SISK12.

- Please do not use nicknames, and please make sure the first and last name are in capital letters.

Finally, I will be the contact person in our building and will serve as the "SRI go to person." As the contact person I will assist you with any questions or issues regarding SRI. I can also help add students into SAM, if you need help.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Community Awareness Week- Tuesday, September 8-September 11

This year, all of the WSD schools will be hosting it's first "Community Awareness Week." Community organizations from around Wentzville and other parts of St. Charles County will have the opportunity to share information about their community organization to our students during next week's lunch periods. Presenters will have no more than five minutes to share information about their organization and how students can get involved with their group. As of today, the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts are the only two community organizations that have requested time to speak with our students. We will provide you more detailed information once the presentation schedule for the week is finalized.
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The Week Ahead...

Monday, Sept. 7
1:15 Choir sings The National Anthem at Cards/Cubs game

No School

Tuesday, Sept. 8


9:00 Office Meeting

PBIS Reteach Lesson-See Above

Wednesday, Sept. 9


3:40 Grade Chair Meeting

Thursday, Sept. 10


3-5 Collaboration in the Collaboration Room

3:30- 4:15- Choir Rehearsal

Friday, Sept. 11


Kdg and 3rd Lion's Den Shopping Day

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Hodak, Hoffman, Prebianca, Turner, Cox, Zak, Streicher, Zes, Larrew, Scherder, Schlichter, Brewer, Elston, Malloy, Anderson, Trembley, VanHook

Thank you for having your sub folder in on time and completely filled out. Much appreciated from the office staff!

Alexa and Jenny

You consistently go above and beyond for PBIS. Thank you for giving up part of your Sunday to help finalize our Lion's Den Store. Next week will be exciting as we begin shopping. These changes couldn't happen without your efforts.

5th Grade Team

You went above and beyond in your dance performance for lunch reward. The kids loved every minute of it. We can't wait for the next dance.

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