Heaven Is A Playground

By: Rick Talender -- 256 Pages

Why I read it.

I'd heard it was a great read and plus I like basketball a lot. The author of the book is very well-known and accomplished as well. The whole book kept me interested and entertained throughout. There was never a dull moment in this read.

If it were a life or death situation, would it be a good read?

In my case, yes, because I like basketball and its history a lot. But if you aren't like me, then probably not. I've read this book multiple times since just because I enjoy it so much. It never really gets old to me.

3 Things I Loved

1. The topic of basketball and the history described in this book.

2. Describes the lives of the real individuals in this book.

3. Isn't censored and isn't afraid to show the harsh realities that most people involved in the making of this book faced.

2 Things I Didn't Like About This Book.

1. I wish there could've been a bit more back drop on the past, even though it wasn't really needed.

2. The book actually had to end...

A Connection

One connection I made with the text was being a basketball player myself. The passion and the hard work the individuals in this book put toward the game, is relatable to me. They loved the game and that's why they played it.

Favorite Quote

"The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a taskgraden; heaven is a playground."

- Books Introduction

This quote lays the whole meaning for this book before it even begins. Throughout all the bad things that the people in this book go through, day in and day out, basketball is their scape goat. It's a game, a piece of heaven, they use to get through their "hells."

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I would definitely recommend this book to others. Those who like basketball and its realities in the urban culture. This book is non-fiction and covers everything related with it very, very well. One of the top 3 best books I've ever read.