Alex's Family Crisis Flyer


Divorce is when a couple is married and doesn't want to be married anymore. This couple goes to sign legal papers and other things like that. The denotation is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court. When you get divorced, the couple has to discuss things such as property like a house, car, etc. If the couple had a child then they need to figure out who's gonna get custody of the child. Or they can have shared custody, where both parents still raise the child.

Effects of Divorce on the Family/Child

When a couple has a divorce, the child is probably the most affected of the problem. If only one parent gets custody of the child then the child may not be able to see the other parent. This is never a good thing. No father/mother for the son/daughter. It also affects the families individually too. Each side of the family may be close themselves and they have to deal with someone they love going through a hard time. Parents of the spouse have a lot of stress. They may have to spend a lot of time with their child and support them.

Options for Support

-Child Support (financial)
-Counseling/Therapy for child
-Foster Care
-Family Support