Child Obesity in America

By: Stephanie Fetzer

How Bad Has It Gotten?

We all know someone who needs to get in shape. We all have seen a teen or child who is walking down the street, who needs to get in shape. Have you ever wondered though how bad it has gotten? In the past 3 decades child, and adult obesity rates have doubled. Obesity rates for teens though has triples. 30 years ago the teen obesity rate was 6%, It has now come to 18%. No one wants to be overweight yet it is happening because of the world today. In 2010 over 1/3 of adolescents were obese. How far are we going to let it go?

What Obesity Does to You

Obesity isn't something that can be ignored. It will have great effects on your health. Obesity is something that you have to challenge in the face. Don't let it get to you. Obesity can cause heart problems, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure and more. I am pretty sure that no one wants to have a heart attack before they are fifty. Obesity can cause sleep apnea. I don't think anyone wants to stop breathing well they are sleeping. Lastly, in women Obesity can cause various forms of cancer.

How to Prevent Obesity?

First things first. Eat right, everyone can have a little junk food, now and then....but don't over do it. Do this by, don't give yourself food as a reward, but also don't withhold food as a punishment. Don't forget to drink water instead of soda, Juice, and sport drinks. Now remember that doesn't me you can never have that stuff, but don't have it on a day-to-day basis. Always have fruits and veggies and other healthy items in your fridge instead of things like cake, and other items. Next thing start to exercise more and more. On average a child should have 1 hour of physical activity a day. More than that will help promote weight loss-if you need it- or weight maintenance. Also don't spend more that 2 hours on the TV or computer total per day.

How to Help Yourself Get in Shape

If you are obese, there is a way to help. First, make sure you eat right. Stay away from ice cream, and cake, and McDonalds, and all of that stuff. Instead head for fruits and vegetables, they are healthier and can be delicious. Next, start to exercise more. This will help burn off the fat you are trying to get rid of. Remember though that results may not show at once. You have to be patient. 0h and don't forget you don't have to lose it all to become healthier. Just losing 5-10% of your body fat can help you have better cholesterol and blood pressure.