The Traveling Handcuffs

By: Miranda Rae Macias & Peter Jeffrey Mah


  • No construction obstacles in the way of the chain links
  • No change in elevation to manipulate links
  • Handcuffs are same length
  • Handcuffs will stretch flat across the earth's (unchanging) surface, no rises or falls


  1. Find length of handcuffs
  2. Find distance between Paris, France to Hawaii
  3. Covert lengths to feet
  4. Divide distance from Paris to Hawaii by length of handcuffs

High to Low

5.28x10*8 - 5.28x10*6


Handcuff Length: 9.4 in: 0.783 ft

Paris, France to Hawaii: 7491 miles: 39,552,48 ft

4 in / 0.783 ft = 12 in / 1ft

39,552,480 ft / 0.783 ft = 50,514,023 handcuffs


Prediction: 5.28x10*8 - 5.28x10*6

Estimate: Calculation is 50,514,023 handcuffs and that estimate was in the middle of our prediction.