Best School Elementary Grade Bees

Ms. Withit

This week the bumble bees are busy with. . .

Science-- Students will begin their animal unit. Students will pick an animal and research its habitat, diet, prey and any other interesting facts. If any parents would like to bring in an interesting pet over the next few weeks, please send me an email.

Math--We will continue working with place value. We will review our work to the right of the decimal (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands) and move to the left of the decimal.

Reading- Students will read chapters 6-8 of the novel My Side of the Mountain. They will each be responsible for adding to our bulletin board plot diagram.

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Bee Careful With These Buzz Words

  • Brought
  • Thought
  • Though
  • Nothing
  • Learned
  • Bought
  • Its
  • It's

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