Vanessa Chavez


This project on this website is going to be about how photosynthesis works and what it does. it is going to provide alot of information that may need.

What is photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is the process of making food in plants in which light energy, water, and carbon dioxide are converted into sugar and oxygen occurs in three different stages.
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How does photosynthesis work?

Photosynthesis works in plants because they have chlorophyll. Chlorophyll captures the suns energy and uses it to make sugars out of carbon dioxide from the air and water.

What are the three parts of photosynthesis

The first main part in photosynthesis is the light dependent reaction. It happens when the light energy is captured and pushed into a chemical called ATP. The second part is when the ATP is used to make glucose which is the calvin cycle.

What is a chloroplast?

A chloroplast is a plastid that contains chlorophyll. this is where the process of photosynthesis takes place.
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