Museum of Renaissance Art

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Our museum hold many famous pieces of artwork. Including that of Leonardo Da Vinci, The "Mona Lisa."

Mona Lisa

The painting "Mona Lisa" was painted by, Leonardo Da Vinci. It was said it was a portrait of Lisa Gherardini. The painting is most famous for the way he painted her smile. Some people call it the "Vanishing Smile" because one moment you see she's serious and then she's smiling. This is because her eyes send mixed signals. It's more like her eyes are smiling and her lips aren't.

Last Supper

The "Last Supper" was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. It would be considered one of the most famous pieces of artwork in the world. The piece shows Jesus and his 12 disciples. Some of the disciples in the painting have more woman-like features, some say that some of the men he painted just look more like woman then others but others think that he actually meant to paint the woman, to show the woman who followed Jesus.

Statue of David

The "Statue of David" was sculpted by Michelangelo. It's about 17ft tall! Its a perfect example of high renaissance art. The story behind this statue is that David was the only one brave enough to defeat his foe, Goliath. With the help of the gods he did defeat Goliath. Some people think that he stands the way he does because he is preparing for battle with Goliath and other say he is because he just defeated Goliath and he is victorious.

The Creation of Adam

The "Creation of Adam" was painted by Michelangelo. The painting is a ceiling frescos for the Sistine Chapel. In the painting it shows God stretching out his fingers to Adam, to give him "The Spark of Life." While God is surrounded by angels.