Newsletter # 10


Atlantic Ocean

Dear Parents,

This week we learned about the animals that live in the Atlantic Ocean like the sea turtles and the jellyfish. Children also got to paint and create their own animal.

We also got to share with all of you UN Day that thanks to all of you was a success! Children were very happy to share with all of you! Thank you again for all the delicious food!

I am very excited to share with all of you that next week children will create their own class cruise ship!! However, we need your help once more.

The idea is to have different things in each center to decorate them as each country. We would like to ask if you have old cloth you don't wear, floats, sunglasses, water wings, hats and flip-flops you could send on Monday for the children to play all next week.

Children would create their own passports, make their own 'maracas' and create their cruise ship to travel the world! Some of the countries they would travel would be: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Germany and Spain.

For Brazil things for them to play as if they were going to a carnival: necklaces of beads, big hats, funny glasses, 'penachos', masks, a CD with music, etc.

Any ideas you may have for each country of things you could send like: old national cloth, traditional food, books, decoration, whatever you believe will help your children have a fun time on the cruise ship!

In advance thank you for all your help!!

Have a great weekend!

Teaching with love and passion,

Ms. Maria & Ms. Marianne

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