By Patrick Brandys

What is Sun

The sun is the star that gives us light during the day. The star is very bright. The sun provides us energy and warmth.


The sun was named by the Romans.The Romans called it sol and sol is named after an ancient roman name. Sol means sun in English. That's why its called the solar system because of the system of planets.


A scientist and astronomer named Galileo discovered the sun. The sun was discovered in the mid 1800's.
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Object Structure/Planet

No one can see inside because there is only lava. But you can see it from the outside. And this planet is not terrestrial.


The sun has many layers of the atmosphere. The sun layers interior makes sunlight. The layers are mostly sun energy.
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It takes 365.256 days to get around the sun. And it takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds to turn once axis.


The mission was to reach to the sun and to its major milestone to the mouth. The mission was complete of its critical review design (CDR).

-The Time Line of the Mission-


JULY 30, 2018

Sun FLYBY #1
SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Sun FLYBY #2
DECEMBER 21, 2019

Sun FLYBY #3
JULY 5, 2020

Sun FLYBY #4
FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Sun FLYBY #5
OCTOBER 10, 2021

Sun FLYBY #6
AUGUST 15, 2023

Sun FLYBY #7
OCTOBER 31, 2024

DECEMBER 19, 2024


The suns diameter is 864948.7 mi. The mass surface gravity for the sun is 274 m.p.s . The suns average temperature is 5778 k. The sidereal is 24 hours 37 minutes and 22 seconds for the sun. The sun length of year is 365 days on earth.

3 Insisting Facts

1: The Sun is in charge of earths climate and weather.

2: The sun could fit 1 million earths to make the size of a sun.

3: The sun will keep burning helium's for 130 million more years.


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