PEAK End of the Year Updates

May 2016

Our PEAK year is coming to a close. Here are a few details to remember....


Don't forget about our special night! PEAK Open House is Monday, May 9 from 6:00-7:00 pm at Alexander Doniphan Elementary. Please remember the following details:

1. Please plan to stay the entire time so students can enjoy all of the displays.

2. Please make sure students take home their projects at the end of the night; however, take special care to leave school equipment behind (i.e. batteries, wires, light bulbs, etc.).

3. Also, it is so important for students to bring their chrome books to the Open House that night. They have several projects to display using their computers. I am so excited for the kids to show off all that they've learned!


It doesn't seem possible, but next week is the end of PEAK - for most!

If you are a Shoal Creek family, your student's last day will be Wednesday, May 11. Students from Shoal Creek will come to PEAK at the same time that day, but leave a little early - at 2:00 pm.

If you are a Doniphan family, your student's last day will be Friday, May 13. We will be gathering that day with other PEAK grade levels to do a fun activity from 9:30-11:00 am.

If you are a Kellybrook family, your student's last day will sadly be tomorrow, May 6. We don't want them to miss Field Day at their home school next week; thus, the change in schedule.

Because our last week is so varied, PEAK report cards will be sent to home schools and handed out there. Look for them in your child's backpacks during the last full week of school.


You would think that after several years of teaching under my belt that I would be better at saying good-bye to my students and their families - but I think I'm worse! The older I get, the more I'm aware of the passing of time. These little sweet, cheeky faces that look to me for guidance every week will soon move on, grow older, and experience the world head on. Even though I see them only once a week, I grow so attached to them! What a great group this 2015-16 group of 3rd graders has been! Thank you so much for trusting your most precious gift to me each week - it has truly been my pleasure to be their teacher. Best wishes to each one of them in the future. Please send them my way for a visit really soon. Sniff....sniff....