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February 6, 2015

Above The Line

One of the ways that you can move your teaching above the SAMR line is to use a "creation app". Have you noticed the "create" folder on your iPads? Select one of those apps to be your focus. Take some time and explore the app, then commit to using the app with students. Start small and select just a few students to try the activity with. Maybe, start with your highly capable students as a way to extend their learning.

Take a risk and F.A.I.L. Don't think of these letters as a word but as an acronym. First Attempts In Learning. After a FAIL, reflect on what you learned and what you still need to learn. Remember, I am here to help you and I would love to work with you in a side by side experience. Learn from failure and model to your students risk taking and problem solving skills.

If you have younger students or students that struggle with typing and spelling, don't forget to use the microphone symbol that is on the keyboard. The speech to text feature works really well. I just tried it with Haiku Deck and was very impressed.

Let's Google

Google Docs Cheat Sheet

Learn all the tips and tricks for using Google Docs

Today's Special Appetizer

Sock Puppets Tutorial

Classroom Uses for Sock Puppets

Students/teachers can create puppet shows to:

  • Explain a science concept.
  • Retell a story.
  • Tell about an event from history.
  • Share information about a famous person.
  • Model appropriate social behavior.
  • Tell jokes. (Knock-knock jokes work well!)
  • Read a poem.
  • Explain Engage New York math vocabulary.

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Where is SAMR @ Sunrise

Sock Puppet

Kindergarten student creating with Sock Puppet app

A kindergarten student from Mrs. Beschta's class is using the Sock Puppet app to share what he likes about his library book. This is an example of redefinition using the SAMR model.
Food For Thought Article

This article focuses on how to redefine instruction using technology in the classroom.

App Aproval Process

Follow the directions located here to seek approval for an app you would like installed on the iPads.

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