Amazing Race Project

By Ryan Germany & Chelsey Marshall

Starting Place...New York-Climate and Facts

We will be starting in the very crowded New York. You might want to pack a sweater or maybe a jacket because New York City is home to real "sweater weather." In New York you will get on a plane from the John F. Kennedy International airport in the New York and fly all the way to Golfito, Costa Rica.

Welcome to Golfito, Costa Rica!-Climate and Facts

Golfito has a very tropical climate that is located under the equator. When you come here you might want to pack shorts and a tank top. In Golfito, they experience a lot of rain every month. Golfito is a major producer of bananas!

Paris the City of Love!-Climate and Facts

When you get to Paris you will be experiencing cool air. Paris holds many people because it is a huge economic circle in France. Also because it is the capital. Paris exports any things like chemicals, plastics, iron and more! It can get pretty wet in Paris!

Cairo, Egypt-Climate and Facts

It can get pretty hot in Cairo...especially in the summer. You need to pack exactly what you packed for the Golfito portion. Cairo has lots of sand and sun! Cairo is home to the Pyramid of Giza. Cairo also has a city that has tall buildings.

Sydney-Climate and Facts

Sydney, Australia has a beach that many people like to surf on. Be careful if you do though...there are sharks! Sydney is a beautiful city that contains the Sydney Opera House. Sydney can get pretty warm so you won't be needing a jacket!

Hong Kong-Climate and Facts

In Hong Kong it can be pleasant and sunny in the fall, yet hot and rainy in the summer. Hong Kong has 260 islands that are all in the South China Sea. Hong Kong exports many electronics, fabrics, toys, jewelry and more.
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New York-Activities

In New York you will hop on a plane from the John F. Kennedy International airport, and take a plane to Golfito, Costa Rica.

Golfito, Costa Rica-Activities

After you arrive at the Golfito Airport, you will be sent on a quest. You will take a rental car from the Golfito Airport to Playa Cocoa the waterfront and beach. Your job will be to find a cool seashell and take it to the Indigenous Tribe that will be on the beach walking around somewhere. The tribe leader will measure the seashell and tell you if it is big enough. You will NOT know how big it needs to be. If it is not big enough then you will have to try again. To know that you made it, you must write your initials on a chalkboard using your seashell. The chalkboard will be right next to the tribe. Now you will need to get on a plane from the Golfito Airport to the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Paris, France-Activities

After you get off of the plane you must go on another quest. You will need to find Paloma Picasso. She will be advertising outside of the Eiffle Tower. Paloma Picasso is a very famous makeup creator, fashion designer, jewelry designer and a native French. Your job will be to ask her what her 5 favorite lipsticks are and put all of them on and keep them on. After That you will take a plane from Paris to Hog Kong.

Hong Kong, China-Activities

When you arrive here you will go to the famous statue called the Tian Tan Buddha. Your job is to ask a tour guide that you find how to write Buddha in Simple Chinese. Now you must travel by plane to Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo, Egypt-Activities

Once you arrive you must find the man selling Egyptian foods at the Giza Pyramid and learn how to make the classic Egyptian dish, Dolma. You must make 5 dishes and people buy them. After that you will take a plane to Sydney, Australia.

Sydney, Australia-Activities

Once you arrive, you will go to the Sydney Opera House. You must find an opera singer. You must ask them what their favorite song to sing is. You must learn how to perform 1/8 of the song. After you will fly back to New York!