Middle School Update

October 21, 2021

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STEM Week with Mass Academy of Math & Science

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Abby Kelley Middle School was excited to welcome students from The Academy of Math & Science at WPI. The Juniors and Seniors ran STEM activities across the school. All grades were able to participate in various activities like coding, making necklaces, and creating lava lamps.

Tutoring opportunities with Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science

We are happy to announce that we are continuing our partnership with MA Academy of Math and Science. MA Academy 11th and 12th graders will provide evening online tutoring to our middle school students. Tutoring will be available on Tuesday from 3-8pm, Wednesdays from 3-8pm, and Fridays from 4-8pm. If interested in this free program, please acknowledge the roles and responsibilities below and complete the Rising Stars Tutoring sign up (linked here).

Roles and Responsibilities of AKF Students:

  • Commit to participating in a one hour tutor session at the same time each week

  • Will attend the tutoring session motivated to improve in school and use time effectively

Roles and Responsibilities of AKF Parents:

  • Will read the followup email from MA Academy tutor that will be sent at the end of each tutoring session

  • Support AKF student in attending their scheduled tutoring session each week

Upcoming Events

Dress Down Day: There will be a dress down day for students on this Friday, October 22. Students may dress out of uniform for $1. Clothing needs to be school appropriate by covering the full torso from mid-thigh up through the shoulders for all students. Clothing should not contain inappropriate or offensive words or images.

Half Day: Wednesday, October 27th is a half-day for students. Dismissal begins at 10:35. There are no lunches served on half days. Teachers will be participating in professional development as well as reviewing district wide safety protocols.

District Wide News

Emergency Information Updating: Recently, you should have received an email regarding your child's emergency information. The sender would have been "donotreply@akfcs.org" and the subject was "Important Emergency Contact Update for AKFCS" Please use the information in this email to check the emergency information we currently have on your student. If you need assistance, please contact Ms. Thomas in the main office by phone or email: nthomas@akfcs.org.

Social Emotional Learning Survey: You should have also received an email from Ms. Paluk regarding our work with Social Emotional Learning. Students in the middle school will be taking the survey over the two weeks. This information will help us know how to better meet our students' Social and Emotional need so that they can better access thier learning.

Bullying Lesson

Over the next week, all students will participate in a classroom based lesson on bullying. The goals of this lesson are to help students understand what bullying is, identify examples and non-examples of bullying and learn what they can do as a target, a bystander or a person who bullies.

PTO Information

The next PTO meeting will be held on November 8th at 6:30pm on zoom AND in person.

Some of the initiatives PTO hopes to accomplish this year includes:

  • Build a stronger parent community for the school
  • Provide activities that promote kindness
  • Provide social opportunities for students and families
  • Raise funds to support events at the middle school

Some activities currently planned:

  • Friday, October 29th- Spirit day- students can stay after to make posters for the High school football game.
  • November 1-12- Change Challenge- Homerooms will collect change in a friendly competition for dress down days and ice cream parties.

The PTO is also looking for anyone who like to hold an office such as President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasure. You do not need to hold a position to be an important part of the middle school PTO.

If interested in running for an office, please email Amy Puliafico apuliafico@akfcs.org


Clubs are up and running, If your child has not turned in a permission slip for the clubs they want to attend. Thank you!!

  • Attendance will be established by October 22. We are unable to handle drop ins at this time while we ensure we have enough adult supervision and space for students signing up.
  • Permission slips must be returned by October 22 to remain in a club.
  • If payment of fees is preventing your child from participating, please call or email Ms. Puliafico to create a plan.
  • Please plan to be here for pick up between 3:05-3:15.
  • Pick up is held in the back parking lot for now in order to keep New Bond St. clear for the Elementary Busses.

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