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September 1, 2022

Dear SVDP Community,

Our school year is off to a great start! In addition to having our students energizing our hallways and classrooms, we are happy to see parents at drop-off, volunteering on campus, and attending Back to School Night.

Wishing you a restful four-day weekend.


Safety & Wellness

Today your youngest student will bring home a Safety & Wellness Goodie Bag. Included in the bag are two visor placards with your family name and one COVID test kit per student. Keep reading for more details about the contents.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Safety

New families will receive two name placards and one visor placard holder. Returning families will receive two name placards. Returning families should replace your name placards from last year - use the cardstock version in your holder and the laminated version for a second car. The Parent Guild has additional holders for sale, please contact to order.

  • To replace last year's name placard, remove the existing one and carefully slide the cardstock (from either side) into the plastic holder.
  • To install on your visor - hold the metal clip open & slide it onto the passenger's visor from the side near the windshield. To display, swing the plastic holder down. Swing up to store.

This year, we have removed the grades from the name placards. Beginning next year, we will only be distributing to new families two name placards and one visor holder.

Proper use of the name placards improves our pick-up line movement. Thank you!

The following information is included with your name placards. Please adhere to these protocols for the safety and efficiency of our drop-off and pick-up.
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COVID Testing

We have provided one COVID test kit per student. Please test your student Monday night or Tuesday morning before returning to school. Positive results should be reported to


SVDP Open House / School Tours

SVDP is excited to bring back our in-person Open House on October 12 & 13. If you know a perspective family, please share the link below with them. Spread the word and share your joy about SVDP.
SVDP Open House & School Tours

Click here to learn more.



MugsyClicks is our school portrait photographer. Portraits will be done on September 6, 2022. Please make sure your child is camera ready. Read the Welcome document below to learn how photos are distributed and purchased.
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Meet Ms. Calvello

Hello SVDP parents!

My name is Nicole Calvello (Ms. Calvello), and I am the new Social-Emotional and Learning Services Coordinator (SEL Coordinator). I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and have spent the last 2 1⁄2 years working in community mental health providing individual and family therapy to children and families involved in the Child Protective Services and Foster Care systems.

For the Social-Emotional component, my role is also known as a "Life Skills Coach". I am also teaching one of the co-curricular classes that are being provided for grades 3-5 and 6-8 that is called “Heart and Mind: Executive Functioning and Social- Emotional Skills.” I am very excited to be teaching this class, and supporting your students in learning and practicing both executive functioning skills (e.g. planning, organization and prioritizing, time management, cognitive flexibility, goal-setting) and social emotional skills (e.g. working well with others – both socially and academically, self-regulation, self-control, emotions identification, skills and tools to support in managing mood and behaviors). I have also had the opportunity to meet with K-2 to begin introducing social emotional concepts. In addition to your students’ teachers and other administrators, I am another staff member that can provide individual support and check-in's.

For the Learning Services Coordinator part of my role, I am responsible for coordinating and facilitating SST (Successful Student Team) meetings with parents, teachers, Ms. Pini, any other team members, and the students (when appropriate) to ensure that students are receiving the supports they need to be successful academically and to ensure that students and their team have action plans in place to work towards the identified goals.

If you have any questions about my role, or have questions or concerns related to the social-emotional and executive functioning needs of your student, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Thank you for the warm welcome to the SVDP community!

Warm Regards,

Nicole Calvello

Social Emotional & Learning Services Coordinator


Parent Guild Corner

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Community Service Project

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Together We Are... SVDP Infection Mitigation Plan

Follow the link to read the latest news on our Infection Mitigation Plan.