The Battle of San Antonio de Bexar

By : Chuck Dennis

To The US

On November 25, 1835, Stephen F. Austin left the battlefield and traveled to The US to get money and supplies for the rebels.Austin put Edward Burleson as the Army of the People commander.

From Bad to Worse

By December, the rebels seemed to make no progress, hungry, winter was drawing near, and they didn't have any shelter or clothes to survive winter's cold weather.The leaders argues to attack San Antonio or to stay put.

Decisions Decisions

Burleson thought about attacking, but before that an Mexican officer surrendered telling the rebels that Mexico's army was in poor condition. The soldiers had low supplies and could be easily defeated. But the leaders still thought they should not attack.

Time to Fight

Most of the rebels disagreed with the leaders decisions. One of the rebels who disagreed was Benjamin Milam . Milam pleaded the rebel soldiers to take San Antonio.


The battle took four days ending in the death of Milam and the victory of the rebels.Among the things the rebels got from the capture of San Antonio was the mission named the Alamo. During the battle Mexican soldiers fell back into the center of time hiding out in the Alamo.


The capture of San Antonio made many of the rebels think that the war was over .San Antonio was the greatest victory of the rebels. They had defeated a larger, well trained military force.After that Texas was cleared of Mexican troops. Most of the rebels returned to thier homes thinking the war was over and that Texas had won its independence.
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