Callie Flynn

Fish and Wildlife Act 1956

This Act established a national policy for promoting both the protection and intelligent use of fish and wildlife resources, creating the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service within the Department of the Interior. In addition to environmental and economic benefits, this Act also notes the importance of fish and wildlife to the“health, recreation, and well-being” of American citizens.

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Waste Reduction Act 1990

The purpose of this Act is to reduce and prevent the production and disposal of waste in the province consistent with the principles of sustainable development and to this end

(a) to encourage consumers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, governments, government agencies and other persons to develop and adopt practices and programs for the reduction and prevention of waste;

(b) to enhance public awareness of the detrimental effect of waste on the environment and the natural resources of the province; and

(c) to ensure the use of resources and the environment today meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs