Support your country and the Draft!

Support the Union

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Why you are getting drafted

The reason you are getting drafted in to this war is because we need more men behind the lines of the the union. Joining the Union army means you will be helping our noble cause to stop the south!

Don't listen to the rebellious Irish

Do not be swayed by these rioters! They are trying to convince you that the Union is wrong in this war. Although it is true that some men pay a commutation fee to get out of the draft, the vast majority of solders in the union fight for themselves.

The benefits of serving the Union

  • Payment to solders has increased in July 1862
  • If you are a casualty of war your family will get payment

arguments for serving the union

As President Lincoln said "You say you will not fight to free Negroes. Some of them seem willing to fight for you."