Ethan Lyles

The Atari story

The Atari idea is unknown of there are some ideas but before 1972 but it didn't start to be a game that people bought until 1972. So the Atari is to be said that it was made in Michigan in 1972 technically about five years older than Star Wars. It came out and instantly became a big hit. It was the biggest game for around 20 years. The PlayStation and the Xbox took over around 1991. If it weren't for the Atari the idea for the PlayStation and Xbox wouldn't even exist. The Atari started to go down and not be as popular in 1991 and is now making a come back.


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Fun Facts

1. There are over 50 kind of Atari consoles.

2. Atari had been the number one gaming system for around 20 years.

3. Atari is the XBOX or PLAYSTATION to our grandparents and parents.

4. Atari buried there last game they made (E.T. Extra Terestrial) worst game ever made to be said so was buried in Alamogordo New Mexico in the 1990s.

5. Thanks to the Atari we have XBOXs and PLAYSTATIONs and many other of these electronics where else would they have gotton the idea.