Lead a Small Group This Spring!

get real. grow deep.

What does it look like to be a small group leader?

What: once a week, meet with your group and go through a bible or book study together that you plan!

Who: you and a group of your friends, or a group that we will assign you based on similar interests

When: Once a week, whenever your group decides to meet!

Why: A small group is a great opportunity to form a great group of friends, develop a spiritual support system, and wrestle with questions. It is an opportunity to take on leadership and grow stronger in your own faith, as well as help others to grow stronger in their's.

Also, you are not doing this alone! If you decide to take the plunge as a leader, the Koinonia Kore team commits to come alongside you with individual guidance, leadership workshops, and a variety of resources

Some Pictures of Our Koinonia Groups:


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Still Not Convinced? Hear from a past leader: Stephen Haverstick

During my first-year as a student at Messiah, leading two small groups was a huge part of my college life. I led a guys' bible study on my floor and co-led a second group with some friends. While this was demanding at times, it was SO worth it. These bible studies quickly became the highlights of my week and I wouldn't have traded them for anything! Both groups are still going strong as we continue our senior years together!! I've developed friendships that will last a lifetime, strong spiritual bonds with brothers, and a deeper understanding of God. I've also gained a more profound desire for studying Scripture, caring for others, and connecting on a spiritual level with people.

I know how intimidating and stressful college can be even without any leadership responsibility, but if you have a passion for digging into God's Word or encouraging others in their walk with God, I want to assure you that taking the risk to lead a group can be an incredibly rewarding experience. (Maybe one of the best ever!)