ObamaCare makes health insurance guaranteed issue meaning you can’t be denied health status age gender. Just because insurance is guaranteed issue doesn’t mean you can’t be charged more for certain factors.
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what branch of government is dealing with it

all three branches of government have dealt with Obamacare,

ObamaCare was passed by the United States Senate, it was approved by the House of Representatives, it was signed into law by the President of The United States, and the case was adjudicated by The United States Supreme Court. All three branches of government approved of the law. ObamaCare is now being implemented throughout the land. But Republicans in Congress are still wagering their fruitless battle lying to their followers by promising to repeal it.

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how have checks and balances been used!

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what part of the constitution is being used

Violates the Origination Clause because it’s a revenue-raising bill that originated in the Senate.