History of a Reader

Autumn Wetzel

Reading As a Little Girl

I was in a private school most of my life so far, and the teachers there where pretty strict so I learned to read pretty fast. About durring summer between 1st & 2nd grade. I remember the first book I ever read by myself was called, 'Have You Seen My Duckling?' And I remember it was at my babysitters. I remember I was so happy. I still have pictures my babysitter took of me reading that book over and over again. And I loved lots of books when I was little. I remember I used to read all the time. My favorite book from when I little was 'Teach A Donkey To Fish' And i also loved to Dr. Suess books. But I don't really remember much else.

Reading Now

Now, I don't read as much as i did when i was little. I really don't have that much time to, but i always make sure i read at least 1 chapter before bed. When i was little, i read alot. I try to, but i usally put it off. My favorite book so far now, is Ellie's Story. I love that book. I still take reading very seriously, but not as much as i did when i was little. I defenitly still love picture books. They remind me to have fun and they always have more life lessons than books now. Well at least there easier to figure out... I am a really fast reader. I could probably read an average size chapter book in about...a few days if a read a good amount every day. I love anything that has to do with reading. and i love that we get reading time in class. When i was little, i liked fiction books. now i like to read books with a little romance, but i also love drama. i love books with drama. And i don't really know what else to add so that's pretty much it.