Wildcat Weekly

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Week at a Glance...

Monday, October 3

  • IGNiTE Project Team Meeting @ 8AM
  • Janine et. al. @ Arkansas Conference-Robert Reed in charge

Tuesday, October 4

  • Janine et. al. @ Arkansas Conference-Robert Reed in charge
  • Faculty Meeting on Canavs
  • Mobile Food Pantry from 9:30-10:30AM @ Fremont
  • Girl Scouts in Art room at 4:30PM

Wednesday,October 5

  • Janine @ doctor appt @ 10AM
  • Weekly SPED Meeting @ 2PM in library
  • Boy Scout Meeting @ 6:30PM in APR

Thursday, October 6

  • Bus Evacuation Drill @ 9AM (See e-mailed schedule)
  • Janine and Abby at monthly Focus School Meeting from 9-10:30AM
  • Monthly MVP Assembly @ 1:30 in APR

Friday, October 7

  • Deadline for BrightBytes Survey
  • 4th Grade travels to Camp Wakonda all day

Teacher Morning Duty

APR: Wildman (M/T), Griffith (MWF), Farr (TTH)

Marigold Moments

Moments from all of you:

  • Rachel Hoing brought me a drink when she was out as a mid day pick me up. The support from a fellow colleague on a down day was sweeter than the Coke was.
  • Krista and Manden were encouraging and supportive this week when I was having a rough day!
  • Abby has been so supportive this week with my coaching cycle. My Reader's Workshop is a whole new world thanks to her help!
  • Molly and Hillary both have such great attitudes. They are flexible and when LaDonna and I have to be in meetings, they are always cheerful about stretching and covering our groups. Both of them make my job so much easier.
  • When a student had a melt down, several people stepped in to help me. It was wonderful to see all the help and support and teachers coming together to get a bad situation under control.
  • Savs was extremely helpful when collaborating about a student we share. I really appreciate her!!!
  • Stacy's sweet smile keeps me going on rough days
  • Monday was a very Mondayish Monday for me and Kaylee encouraged me multiple times throughout the day.
  • This week, I saw Baily sitting on the floor next to a distraught student. She was so patient and calm that the student was able to follow her back to class. She's a teacher who doesn't give up when it's tough!
  • I loved seeing the student work in the hallways and the creative lesson planning of Watkins teachers throughout the school this week. Very fun and engaging!
  • Our PC is amazing. She always has a positive attitude and is supportive of our needs as we serve our special needs students.
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Dr Quirk offers a better way-

Here are some tips for those of you who are familiar with putting artifacts in Tower and want to get started. If you are new to Watkins, I will walk you through this later.

A Better Way to handle artifacts in TOWER:

  • Ask teachers to create a Google folder in their Drive as a home for any/all artifacts they would like included in their portfolio for purposes of feedback and/or evaluation
  • Embed a link to that folder into a Word doc – upload the Word doc to TOWER as an artifact
  • Through that one upload you can access all artifacts by clicking on the link
  • It will update as additional artifacts are added to the folder and will be accessible from year to year by repeating the process annually
  • As always for a successful TOWER upload, please don’t include numbers or punctuation in the title of the Word doc uploaded and keep the optional TOWER descriptor under 200 characters
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