Greed Is The Root Of All Evil

By: Zach Foyt

Letter from Wiglaf

Dear Beowulf,

I do not know if I will be able to express how large of a role you have played in my life. I grew up in Sweden listening to my father Wexstan’s stories about the greatest warrior alive. Hearing stories of the great Beowulf defeating the mighty Grendel by ripping off his arm with your sword and then slaying Grendel’s mother by cutting her neck only makes a kid want to grow up to be as powerful and strong-willed as the legend Beowulf. You always displayed an impressive amount of strength and power during each battle you fought. While others made the choice to run as the dragon had nearly killed you, I felt as if I was left with no option but to stay and fight in the place of my dying hero. Courage is defined as strength in the face of pain or grief and I do not believe someone could demonstrate as much courage as you have time and time again. You had the power, courage, and confidence to not give up when your sword would not cut Grendel. Although you are no longer here to be my role-model and hero I believe that you have given me the power and courage to not only be the leader of your men, but to also create my own legend that a young kid from Sweden will look up to and aspire to become.



Reflection: I enjoyed this assignment because of how it made me write a personal letter and think as if I was Wiglaf. I thought that I did well as far as using the correct voice and perspective I was using in the letter. I feel as if I discussed the theme of power and courage very well. I used examples from the story of Beowulf to support my ideas of power and courage. I think that next time I would like to try more of a diary entry or a ballad.


Beowulf addressed his fellow Geats’

Before plunging in the lake quickly

He saw the she-wolfs eyes, filled with greed

Welcomed him in her claws, clutched savagely

Beowulf swung with all of his might

He found no sword could slice her skin

They wrestled and ripped, trying to win the fight

Both struggling to find a way to win

Hammered by giants was the sword on the wall

Violently, he swung to end the fight

All the way to the floor, he watched her body fall

Exhausted, Beowulf rejoiced at the sight

Of all the riches, all he took was Grendel's head

There were no other monsters for him to beat

With the Danes waiting, back to Denmark he fled

Beowulf celebrated with his Geats

Description: Beowulf showed his power on several occasions throughout the story, but the battle he had with Grendel's mother was probably his toughest bout. His power mentally and physically allowed him to kill the last of the monsters for the next fifty years. This battle also once again proved that Beowulf was the greatest warrior alive.

The Pardoner's Diary

Dear Diary, (As Pardoner)

Today, the host decided to call on me and asked for a story that would be a merrier more moral story than what the Physician just told. I told a tale about the power that wealth and greed have over one’s decision making ability. Three drunk men were in search of a figure known as Death. They came across an old man who has been waiting on Death to find him. The three ask if the man knows where to find Death and then old man directed the trio to a grove. Upon arrival, instead of finding Death the three found eight bushels of gold coins without an owner. Being greedy, one of the three suggests that the youngest of the three goes and buys them bread and wine to celebrate. The plan is to kill the youngest when he brings back the bread and wine and split his third of the wealth amongst themselves, however the youngest had the exact same plan except he wanted to keep all the gold for himself so he purchased poison and poured it into each of their bottles of wine. When the youngest returned the other two jumped out and killed him but when they started celebrating, they drank the wine and within minutes all three men were dead. The moral of the story is that once again nobody has the power to escape death or some karma. The story may not have been as merry as the Host wanted but the moral message it told was strong. After all, “greed is the root of all evil.”

Reflection: I believe that the Pardoner's Tale had the best message of my three projects because of how applicable it is to our own lives. No, not all people go to the extent of killing their friends to claim their money but the tale shows everyone's greed to gain more, no matter what it is, to better themselves.

Dear Reader,

I enjoyed doing the multi genre project however it was very stressful. My favorite was the ballad and it was also the one that I did the best. I thought that because I matched all of my symbols well and also rhymed every other line. I struggled with the diary entry because I did not have many ideas as to what to say. In the future I would have probably made a wanted poster for Grendel as opposed to the diary entry.