The most eco-friendly countries

Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand

Which countries care about the environment most?

Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand - the inhabitants of these countries do not have to worry about the disasters related to climate change. All these countries benefit from renewable energy sources by making their air and water clean and not exposed to a variety of diseases. The economy of these countries resigned from heavy industry to services.

Citizens of these countries must fulfil most of these requirements.

They must:

• Sorting of the wastes; collecting glass, paper and cartons, metal and plastic packages and recycling them
• Composting kitchen and garden wastes
• Lowering the temperature by at least 1 degree
• Installing devices on the taps preventing water from dripping
• Buying organic food
• Buying products marked Krav or produced locally
• Avoid driving your car if you have to travel the distance less than 2 km (choose a bike, or walk on foot)
• use public transport, go shopping with other people to save fuel
• Avoid proofed wood
• Buy products marked with the "SVAN" sign
• Pick fruits of the forest without damaging the plants
• Propose environmental solutions in your workplace

In these countries also operate various organizations

KRAV- it is a indication of the ecological food products produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable production, including animal welfare and ensuring proper social security and remuneration.
SVAN - marking products produced in a sustainable production system designed to reduce the impact of these products and services on the environment at each stage of their life cycle (eg. SVAN washing powder - no harmful substances are used during its production, and its use in the household will not affect human health or environmental pollution. The sign "SVAN" may also be granted to the service company that provides cleaning services - if the company uses organic cleaning products).

The less eco-friendly countries

Countries that care about the environment least are Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, the Republic of the Congo and other central African countries.

This leads to air and water pollution which causes a variety of serious illnesses. The environmental pollution also results in drought and lack of access to food. The excessive pollution causes the extinction of animals and plants.
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So, let us remember that our planet has to be clean!