Stop Animal Abuse

Why animal abuse is bad

Stop Animal Abuse

Animals do not deserve this treatment

All around the world there are millions of animals that are on the streets and being abused everyday. These poor pets are being put on the streets because there owner doues not want to take care of them anymore and there to lazy to take them to an animal shelter . There is nothing worse when I see a pet at an animal shelter and there beaten up and anorexic. If your not going to take care of the animal the right way then you shouldnt get them. Us as humans do not get treated like that nor should animals.

Help Me by Helping Them

All around the world there are millions of people who do not believe in animal abuse and protest aganist it. You can do the same too, go joined an organization or an club and stop animal abuse. Animals can not fight for themselves, so we have to help them.

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