No Promises In The Wind

Loyalty to Friends (And Family)

Book Title

Because the title is saying that theres no promises saying everyones gonna be friends. This relates to Josh and his father not being good to each other. Loyalty is one of the most important things in a family. This family has no loyalty.

Conflict & outcome

Man Vs. Man- Josh and his father constantly fight and argue. They are getting further and further from each other. They are tearing there family apart. Josh and his father are an example of no loyalty in a family. But there are parts of them that are loyal. Josh still makes money for his family since his parents dont.

Character's Remark and /or actions

" i didn't feel the love for him that mom did" - Josh

This relates to the story because Josh really hates his dad sometimes. He doesnt want to be a part of his life sometimes. And his dad feels the same way.

Contrasts Between Characters

Josh- A bright young man that makes ends meat for his family.

Josh's Dad- An old man that is a jerk and cant provide for his family because he lost his job.