Barta's Class First Grade News

Updated 10-13-16

What We Are Learning in First Grade...

As always we are reviewing sight words (they got 11 more this week.) We started unit 3 of FUNdations, so we are learning different digraphs and how 2 letters make one sound.

We have also been learning about sentence structure, nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Check out some pictures below of our "adjective self-portraits"

In math we have finished our addition assessment, and our counting to 120 assessment, and are now working on subtraction. Although we have finished the skills for now, they are all things we work on all year long, so we can't forget to practice at home! :)

Everyone is doing such a great job in first grade and trying really hard!

I know that I did not send the FUNdations paket home this week, but with tomorrow being FUN RUN, I didn't want to overwhelm. Next week however will be back to normal and I will be sending the homework pack home Monday.

Adjective Self Portraits!


October 19 - Hickory Nut Gap Farms

We are learning about pumpkins, the needs of crops, and soil components.

Bus departs Claxton at 9:00am and returns at 1:30.

The cost is $7 per student. I NEED YOUR MONEY TURNED IN TOMORROW! I am only missing ONE permission slip, but we are running out of time!

Students will not be able to attend without a completed permission slip returned.

Parent Volunteers -IF you expect to go with us to HNGF I also need you to pay $7.

I have gotten 12 parents that have sent back forms to go, but only have had a couple return money.

Parents need to meet us at HNGF. With so many volunteers we won't have room on the bus with 40 students and 4 teachers already.


Upcoming Events...

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The buses will leave with K-2 students at 8:40 and return around 11. Make sure to get in your donations, because tonight is the LAST NIGHT!

register at

we are trying to raise money for new playground equipment at Claxton. :) The students are excited to raise money, get new additions to the playground and get prizes. Some students have already started to raise and get prizes delivered to the class, so it gets the rest of them pumped to fundraise.

Fall Carnival! 10-28-16

Please help the first grade team!

The First Grade Team will be running two booths at the Fall Carnival, ‘The Witch Broom Relay’ and ‘The Potato Sack Race.’ We are in need of volunteers to help run the booths as well as setting up and cleaning up. If you are interested, please type your name in the preferred space. Thank you so much for all that you do and we look forward to seeing you there!

Here is the Link to sign up...

Halloween Celebration!

Our Halloween celebration will be on October 31. It is a half day that will be jam-packed with fun fall themed learning activities, snacks, and more! :) Your student is more than welcome to wear their costume to school in the morning and all day! I have some great helpers that are wanting to make this a great fun day for the students.