The sea of monsters

It is the second book in the Percy Jakson books. It was written by rick riordan. It is a fictional story about gods and goddeses.
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It was made imto a movie in August 7 2013. It is a realistic looking movie.
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The book took place in the bermuda triangle. It was on about then to life boat.
In the begining percy is at school about to enter pe but when he does he is in for a surpries. He is with his friend tyson and they start playing doge ball but then they realise that kids from the other team are changing into huge mosters. The throgh dogeballs as fast as cannonballs. Then they take out ral cannon balls! The cannonballs are on fire literally so percy needs to doge them but he didnt see one coming he thought he was a gonner but tyson steped in front of him. He was unaffected by the fire.
Percy is astounded by the way his friend is still alive then Tyson does somthing amazing and throws it back and kills all of them and they turn to dust. Percy goes to camp with Tyson where he then finds out that the tree protecting them is poisend. Then also finds out that Tyson is his cyclops brother! Anabeth has a bad past with cyclopses because one killed her best friend Thalia.
Percy later finds out that grover is on a cyclopsis island and that the only way to save camp is on the same island that he is on. So the quest starts but Percy doesn't say it butt he only aggreed to go to save Grover. Percy saves grover and the golden fleice (the thing that would save camp). So they go home and put the golden fleice on the tree but the tree is saved and thalia is revived to it turns out she was the tree protecting the camp because Her fauther took pity on her. All halfbloods' parents are gods.