Birdville ISD

October 9: Elementary Professional Learning


1. Create a group of 4-6 to be your planning group today.

2. Watch the videos on the Planning for Learning Protocol and Forethought below.
Planning for Learning Protocol
Planning in Forethought

3. Follow the Planning for Learning Protocol to guide your lesson design.

4. Use the 5E model for Science, the workshop model for Math, Reading and Writing, and integrate Social Studies into the Reading workshop model. Click to learn more about 5E for K-2 and 5E for 3-5.

5. Possible products to be designed during this session:

  • Design a Science 5E lesson using the Pacing Guide and Unit Overviews.
  • Design a Math focus lesson and a supporting workstation using the Pacing Guide, Unit Overviews and appropriate Clarifiers.
  • Design a Reading or Writing focus lesson using the Unit Overview and Clarifiers.
  • As you design a Reading or Writing focus lesson, create a workstation that supports a Social Studies leading standard or a Reading or Writing standard from the Unit Overviews.

If you finish early...

  • Choose another product
  • Choose another content area to write lessons
  • Create a vocabulary activity or anchor chart to go with your lesson

Explore the Learning Platform Website:

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11am - 12:30 pm

Enjoy your extended lunch.

12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

1. Watch the video below about a web 2.0 tool, called Lino, which you will be using today.
2. Finish the tasks from the morning.

3. Select a different content area to design another lesson or create more workstations to be used with your lessons.

4. Upload your lesson or lessons into Forethought under October 9th.

5. Share your great products with other teachers across the district by posting in Lino. Click your grade level below to start sharing!

Don't forget to explore what others have shared on Lino!

Thank you for your hard work today!
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