what is tennis

Tennis is a game played on a rectanglar court that has a net that sepeartes the courtin half the point of the game is to hit the ball in the other persons court and if theuy are unable to hit the ball back in you court then you get a point.

Rules of tennis

  • The game starts with a coin toss to determine which player to must server first and which side they want to serve from
  • The server must then serve each point from the alternative side on the base line. At no point must the servers feet move in front of the baseline on the court prior to hitting their serve.
  • If the server fails to get their first sever in they may take advantage of a second serve.
  • the receiver may stand where they wish upon receipt of the serve. If the ball is struck out without the serve bouncing the the server will receive the point.


  • point in tennis are awarded in scores of 15, 30 and 40
  • 15 represents 1, 30 represents 2 and 40 represents 3
  • you need 4 points to win a game. If you a game lands on 40-40 it is called a deuce. from a deuce the player needs to win 2 consecutive points to win a game.
  • to win a set a player must win 6 games by 2 more.
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Difference between singles and doubles

  • singles are one on one so there is 2 players on the court 1 on each side.
  • doubles are with a team with is 2 people on each team so that puts 4 people on the court 2 on each side.

The history of tennis.

While evidence is thin on the ground, the game of tennis is believed to hark back thousands of years, with several indicators suggesting the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans played precursors to tennis. For example, the Arabic word for the palm of the hand is rah at, similar to the word racket, while the Egyptian town Tennis again bears a resemblance to tennis. More substantial evidence emerges from around 1000, when French monks began playing a crude courtyard ball game.


  • To serve in tennis you either hvae one of the two stances the platform stance ot the pinpoint stance.
  • in the paltform stance your feet are kept on about the sholder width aport throughout the serve providing sable support and east weight transfer.
  • in the pinpoint stance, the feet start apart, but as the serve unfolds, the back foot slides forward until it is adjacent to the front foot
  • There is 5 types of servers
  1. Flat serve
  2. slice/reverse slice serve
  3. kick/topspin/american/reversekick serve
  4. underhand serve
  5. pat-a-cake serve


  1. Tennis balls
  2. court
  3. net
  4. racket


  1. Ace-Is a legal serve that is not touched by the receiver, winning the point.
  2. Alley-the extra area of the side court used for doubles.
  3. Deuce- when the score in a game is 40 to 40.
  4. Double fault- two missed serves in a row. The server will lose the point.
  5. Ground stroke- a forehand or backhand shot made after the tennis ball bounces once on the court
  6. Volley-a shot where the ball is hit by the player's racquet before the ball hits the ground.