2015 Year in Review

Zachary D.

#1 company that markets themselves the best: Geico

Geico posted funny commercials that made people laugh.
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#2 company that markets themselves the best: Nike

Nike hired many cool professional athletes that endorsed their products. People look up to these professional athletes and want to be like them so they buy their products.
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#3 company that markets themselves the best: Apple

Apple products feel exclusive and limited. They put out ads that show people enjoying their products and know how to capture peoples emotions.
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#1 Best New product that was introduced: Iphone 6

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#2 Best New Product that was introduced: Hoverboard

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Worst Product that was introduced: Samsung Galaxy s6

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Best Movie: Star Wars

The company that made Star Wars created a webpage dedicated to Star wars and used social media to endorse Star Wars
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#2 best movie: Ted 2

I remember funny ads playing nonstop on the TV that endorsed Ted 2
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The top two musical artists of 2015 were: Drake and Fetty Wap

Each of these artists used social media to promote their albums.
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Top Ten Basketball sneakers

1. Addias D Rose 6

2. Kobe 10

3. Curry 2

4. Brandblack Vector

5. Jordan Melo M11

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My New Years resolutions

Personal Improvement : Run around my house each day

Family and Friends: Try to be nicer to Family

School and the Outside World: Try to study more