White Tailed Deer

by Ryan Katzer


White tailed deer live in forest, east of rocky mountens in Nouth America, and in weastern North America they live in parklands.most people know eney tipe of deer live in the forest but this tipy of deer live in thise places.


White tailed deer eat large varieties of food. They normly eating ingiegumes and foragin on other plants. They mite eat corn and fruts of the ground.


The male white tailed deer has anters and darker fur than the female and the female has no anters. most of the times you will find male white tailed deer but if you get closer in to were the male are garding you will find a lot of white taild deer.


Their special stomachs allow them to eat thiand that we humans can't eat.(mushrooms on the ground and posenivy.) White tailed deer are ruminant witch means they have four chambers in thire stumicks.

Intresting Fact

doring the spiring time white tailed deers coat of fur are redish brown and in the summer it turns grey brown thought out the winter.
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