By: Darian Wilson

Periodic Table Information

The element francium is located on the first row down and the seventh row across. It is period seven, group one (alkali metals) and has a mass of 223 amu. It has 87 protons and electrons and 136 neutrons. You can look for the symbol Fr to find it.

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Physical and Chemical Properties

The physical properties of francium include: the melting point of 27 degrees celsius, a boiling point of 677 degrees celsius, it is not stable and the most unstable of the 101 elements in the table and it has the most mass of all the alkali metals. The chemical properties of the element can be configured by radiochemical techniques because of their unstable isotopes.

Where in Nature is it?

Francium is an enigma to scientists and they have yet to truly find a use for it beyond scientific research. Francium also isn't found in nature and instead was created by attacking thorium with copious amounts of protons or, in reverse, adding neutrons to radium. It is also a very dangerous chemical that is not safe to any human and must be used with intense care and protective wear.


Francium was an accidental discovery by Marguerite Catherine Perey in 1939. She was studying the decay of actinium and found out that it had made the 87th element. Many people didn't believe and spent much time trying to disprove it. It wasn't until years later that she got the gratitude for discovering the element.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Francium was named after France, which was where Marguerite was from.
  • The strongest isotope it has only has a pseudo-life of about 22 minutes.
  • Marguerite was interviewed by Marie Curie herself when getting a job for her work.
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