Kampfing News

September 30, 2016

Fabulous Friday

Today was the fabulous end to a great week and the month of September. Students got to try out some new desk spots, new reading spots and wrote amazing stories with clear messages for their readers. It is exciting to see the growth they are experiencing already! As we move forward, your child may tell you about learning experiences with a variety of first grade teachers. As a team, we are constantly collaborating and finding ways to best meet the needs of all students. Groupings of students are flexible and constantly changing as students' needs change.

Celebration Reading

This coming week, your child will GET to celebrate their reading by bringing home either an easy book to read to you, or a challenging book for you to read to them. This is a time to celebrate reading. If they are reading to you, know that they worked hard to prepare this book for you, so reinforce the work they have done. Reading aloud to your child is a great time to connect and model the excitement that reading brings to our lives.

It is important that reading time is enjoyable and calm. If it ever gets to be a frustration or a battle, it's okay to stop and come back to it the next day.

Writing Support For Your Child

First graders are writing every day and will continue to do so throughout the year. Much of their writing at this point is personal narrative. They can write about absolutely anything: spilling their milk, eating a messy taco, playing a game, getting hurt, doing a chore, losing a pet... really ANYTHING! You can help by talking about writing ideas each day with your child. You may even want to write down writing ideas for your child on their busy week sheet.