Help Soccer Become Safer

By: Gavin Russo

I am trying to make soccer safer

If we work together we can create a safe place for people to play soccer. All I ask is that each one of you spread awareness about something you learn in this website

How I can accomplish this

I am planning to raise awareness through this website to make soccer safer for children. This is important to me because I myself play soccer and their are many injuries in games, I would like to cut down on these. Some people don't believe that soccer is a physical game but it actually is. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics soccer has the same amount of contact as boxing, football, ice hockey, lacrosse and more.

Injuries in soccer

Some injuries in soccer are...
Sprained ankles
Dislocated shoulder
Knee tears
Shin Splints
Broken Bones
Groin Strain
High Ankle Sprain
And more

Soccer Player On Concussions

How we can prevent these

Peripheral Vision

Peripheral vision lets you see others that are not directly in front of you. Improving your peripheral vision allows you to see players and movement further from center while still maintaining your focus on the ball or play.

Improving Spatial Awareness

  • Always keep your head up

  • Look across the field before receiving the ball.

Always practice by setting up game-like scenarios and working on your total field peripheral vision, imagination and special intelligence

  • Diet: Food is energy. Everything you put into your body in the 24 hours before a game will effect how you play.
  • Stretch: You should always start stretching the day before the big game. Tight muscles are responsible for countless injuries that are easily avoidable.
  • Routine: Almost all athletes in the world have specific routines that they follow every game day.
  • Sleep: Everyone knows the importance of sleep. Try to get between eight and nine hours of sleep the night before your game to rest your body and mind.


In a Google form sent out 18 out of 27 responses said that it is important for soccer to become safer.


Their are many injuries in soccer, and hopefully this will help lower them. Thank you for your time.