You get to choose!

I have a fun treat up my sleeve!

I believe in you

Think about your holiday WHY today as we wrap up the 12 days of Stella. This is YOUR TIME to make the most of your business and share the JOY of all we have to offer. Have been getting crickets?? Me too, its part of the business. Don't let it rattle you, instead let it inspire you. Follow me today as I seal the deal with my final shows.
Michael Bublé - I Believe in You [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

Follow UP

If you have reached out once that is awesome, but it takes 2 to 3 times before I get a date. Make sure to follow up today. It

Book your own show

Did you know you can have your own show twice a year and earn commissions and hostess rewards. Pick a date you would love to have your friends and family over and put it in the system as your own show.

Book A Charity Show

In the month of October I partner with at least one hostess and give 10% of sales back to breast cancer awareness. Looking good never felt so good:) Would rather choose a different charity. You can. Love that we can give back through our S&D biz!

Book with a hostess from the prior Fall of 2015 or Spring of 2016

Go back to your own calendars or look in the lounge. They partnered with you before so let's do it again! This is the perfect time of year to schedule a holiday trunk show with them.

Book a Show with your Low Hanging Fruit

Call your best friend/mom/sister etc. Give them a premiere date (for me my Thursdays in November go quick) and put it in the system

Book a Holiday Line Show

The Holiday Line will be launching mid October. I got to see some of the pieces at HOOPLA and they are gorgeous! Book a show with a prior customer or contact who you know would love to see it first.
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I have a special prize for someone who has 6 in home shows in the system from Sept 6th - Dec 17th

Didn't get to 12? Thats okay, six is SUPER and I want to reward you! Make sure to message me once they are in the system. YOU WILL GET TO CHOOSE YOUR PRIZE from two awesome options :)

XO, Beth