Lesson Planning

Alpine Middle School

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What To Expect Today:

  • Data Discussion: where are we and where should we go?
  • Review DMAC & lead4ward as instructional planning guides
  • TEKS resource system: curriculum break down & review
  • Infusing academic vocabulary in your lessons
  • Instructional Strategies & Best Practices
  • Applying the Figure 19 Process Standard throughout (recall F2F training: go.esc18.net/f2felarhs1)
  • Lesson Plan Time!

Living Document of Topics and "Aha Moments":

Collaborative Google Doc Living Document:


Go Google: Hall and Oates

Lesson Planning Reflective Questions:

How do we plan to?

  • communicate your expectations to students?

  • obtain evidence that students have demonstrated mastery/ understanding?

  • make the lessons relevant to the students?

  • include meaningful activities?

  • use visuals?

  • model the thinking required to accomplish the assignment?

  • the sequence or order your lesson should have for the most impact?

  • instructional groupings during this lesson?

  • provide differentiated instructional methods within your lesson?

  • the pacing of the lesson that provides opportunities for students to learn that progress at different rates?

  • ensure that instructional time is used efficiently and effectively throughout a lesson so that students remain engaged?

  • maintain focus on the learning objective throughout the lesson?

  • materials to use during the lesson?

  • activities to use during the lesson?

  • higher order questions during a lesson?

  • opportunities for all students to respond to questions?

Bloom's Planning Guide

Bloom's Planning Guide for reference

Depth of Knowledge Chart

DOK chart for reference