The Three News

By clara Riestra

The Wheel

The wheel is the new invention!

Come on down to your main store and get the wheel.

You no longer have to carry your stuff instead roll them away! The wheel helps you move stuff so easy! It's easy to use too! The wheel can help you take some stuff to other places for special events. You can also use it to do a sale outside to earn money!

It's only 10 shekels of silver!


Jamie Cortez

Today there will be an interview with Jamie.

So Jamie we will start with some questions.

What street do you live on? Jamie: “I live in Carroll street”. The next question is do you have any pet at your house? Jamie: “I have only a dog”. How old are you? Jamie: “I am 28 years old”. Do you have any kids? Jamie: “Yes I do, I have three kids, their names are Lindsey, Miley, and Connor”. What do you like to do when you have nothing to do? Jamie: “I like to just relax or sleep where I can”. The last question is what do you do for a living? Jame: “What I do for a living is I’m a farmer”.

That is it for the interview with Jamie.


The last week we just got out of a really bad drought.But now so far of what we are expecting the weather to be very rainy. The weather in this week we should be getting more rain. So be prepared for the rain in this week. Hopefully it is not a lot of rain. If it is a lot of water on the ground it could cause a flood. Those are all of the weather news for today.