Information for Rising 9th Graders

Important information from the SAMOHI Advisors

Hello Class of 2025 and WELCOME TO SAMOHI!!

Samo Advisors will be coming into visit your 8th graders. We will be sharing a lot of information and wanted you to have it also. We are so excited to have your students with us next year and know that planning for high school is a big, exciting, and sometimes scary step. We hope to ease the transition by giving you as much information as possible. Please read this email thoroughly.

When we visit your students, we will be presenting this video: After we visit classes, we are asking students to sit down with you to choose their classes. We will be collecting the information via google form The deadline to turn in requests is February 21, 2021.

Samohi is hosting a “Physics First” Information Meeting on our new science pathway.

FEBRUARY 19 at 9:30 am

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 869 8940 7855

Passcode: 020589

Dial by your location

+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

  1. We know that taking classes over the summer is a common topic. Incoming 9th graders are very limited in what they can take as a Get Ahead class or a class to remove something from their schedule. There are three different types of programs available for your students.Get Ahead – these are classes held through Santa Monica High School. The purpose of this class is to “get ahead” or move ahead in the subject path. Samohi will be offering Get Ahead Geometry this summer. If your student is currently in Algebra and earning an A or a B in the course AND interested in taking Geometry over the summer in order to take Algebra 2 as a Freshman, please fill out this application: DUE MARCH 19, 2021 by 4pm
  2. Santa Monica City College (SMC) – Students are able to take college level courses at SMC over the summer. In the past, incoming 9th graders have taken a variety of classes. For example, some have taken electives such as art or even academic classes such as Biology. Although this is a wonderful opportunity for our students, it is important to note that these are college level courses and taught with the rigor of a college level course.

***** It is HIGHLY recommended that students who take a course at SMC acknowledge and hold the below work habits:

a. This is a college level course and will be taught at a college level speed.

b. Students must understand that an SMC transcript is permanent and any grade on it will be transferred to SAMO if we are provided with a transcript. They can’t pick and choose what they want us to include, so if they don’t do well in Bio and take a class in the future and are successful, we will have to take the BIO course as well. It will be calculated into our GPA.

c. A college level course that is 3 credits will be given 10 high school credits AND will count into the Samohi GPA twice.

d. Because it’s a college level course, students must have strong work habits, strong academic skills, be independent and self motivated.

e. Students must be willing to attend class based on the schedule SMC provides.

f. Students must be willing and able to complete 3 or more hours (depending on the course) of homework outside of the class meeting times.

g. Students must be able to self advocate, as SMC will NOT communicate with parents.

Enrollment instructions are attached and up to each student/family to follow and navigate the SMC system. You will need approval from your middle school counselor AND our designated Samohi Principal. Please see instructions for all that information.

3. Outside Concurrent classes (not taken at SMC or Samohi Get Ahead) – If your student would like to a class at another school site that is not SMC or SAMOHI, for example through a private school or online school, you will need approval prior to enrolling. Please do not enroll or pay for any program before you receive approval from a Samohi Principal. You can apply for approval at: Applications due May 8, 2021

More info can be found at:

Please note:

    1. English must be taken at Samohi
    2. Lab science can not be taken through an online school
    3. Algebra can only be taken through SMC over the summer.
    4. All grades from approved courses on transcripts, from outside schools, will be transferred to Santa Monica High School transcript.
    5. A 3 or more credit college classes will be given 10 credits at Samo and will count double in student’s GPA.


If you have a question you can submit using this: and an SAMOHI Advisor will get back to you in a few days.

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