Spring 2019: New Dual Credit

Want to earn dual credit in the spring?

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit courses are classes that students can take here at Hawkins through Tyler Junior College and earn high school AND college credit at the same time. Most of our dual credit classes are offered online, but our students are assigned to be with a HHS staff member for extra support while they work on their dual credit coursework.

Some students hear that the dual credit classes are offered through TJC and don't realize that the college credit can go with them anywhere in Texas (and often out of state, if needed)! The dual credit classes are general, core college classes that are accepted by all public Texas colleges and universities.

The Cost of Dual Credit

Obviously, one of the most important factors when it comes to dual credit is the cost. Since the courses are true college classes, there is tuition required. However, the cost of a dual credit course is significantly lower than a traditional college course, especially when you consider the fact that Hawkins pays 1/2 of all dual credit tuition!
So, what IS the cost of a dual credit class?? The flat fee for one dual credit course is $275, but since Hawkins covers half of that, the student's portion is $137.50, which can be paid all at once or through installments throughout the semester (1/2 up front and then two additional installments).

Something else to consider -- If your student is on free/reduced lunch, TJC will pay the other half of the tuition. So, that means the dual credit class for those students are FREE with the exception of the cost of the textbook, if applicable! (All they have to do is pass.)
One final note on cost -- Although Hawkins has several class sets of college textbooks, they will not be purchasing textbooks for new dual credit classes. (That means that the two classes we are talking about adding for the spring would be classes that the student would have to purchase his/her own book.)

Spring Dual Credit -- New Class Offerings

For the first time ever, Hawkins is planning to offer academic dual credit classes that will be available to eligible sophomores (as well as juniors and seniors). We are looking at offering Art Appreciation and/or Public Speaking. Both of these classes meet requirements on almost every college degree plan. (That means, no matter what you want to be when you grow up, you will probably need these classes!)
We have heard that both of these classes are good introductory classes for students just starting in dual credit (and would, of course, be fine for upperclassmen as well). Here are some things to consider:

  • The public speaking class requires the students to video themselves giving speeches in front of a live audience and then uploading the videos to a private YouTube channel for grading.
  • Students would be responsible for purchasing their own books. (The book for Art Appreciation is $10.00; the book for Public Speaking is $121.50.)
  • Students must pass the TSI reading test or have made a 4000 or better on their English 2 EOC to be eligible to take either class. (All sophomores will given the opportunity to take the TSI test on Friday, November 16, 2018.)
  • Although these classes are considered good introductory courses, students must still be self-disciplined enough to keep up with the work and submit assignments on time.
  • If a student has a full class schedule but still wants to take one of these dual credit classes, we are looking at the possibility of allowing them to devote their academic period time (35 minutes each morning) to the dual credit course.
  • Art Appreciation would count as the high school fine art requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for dual credit classes?

Students will need to complete an online application through TJC. (We can help with that!) TJC will be on campus in late December/early January to complete the registration process for all spring dual credit students. The process is simple -- it is one registration form and taking care of payment (either paid in full at registration, setting up an installment plan, or no payment necessary for those on free/reduced lunch).

If I need to buy a book, how do I do that?

Dual credit textbooks can be purchased at the TJC campus bookstore, or you can often find them at a discounted price online. (I will be happy to pick up books at TJC for a group of students once we get a definite enrollment number.)

Can I get financial aid to help pay for dual credit?

Financial aid is not available for students until after they graduate from high school. So, if you do not qualify for the tuition waiver (by being on free/reduced lunch), one half of the tuition is the responsibility of the student/family.

What if the class is too hard?

It is important to spend some time thinking about your current time commitments and determine if dual credit is right for you. Ask around -- find out from students who are already in dual credit what advice they have to offer. If you register and then drop the class or fail, you will be required to pay Hawkins ISD back the tuition they invested in you. (For those who are on free/reduced lunch, 100% of the tuition will have to be paid back.)

How many dual credit courses can I take?

TJC and HHS policy requires the school administrator and parent to sign off on any student taking three or more dual credit courses in a semester. In good conscience, we cannot sign off on any more than three dual credit courses per semester (considering extracurricular involvement, family time, and regular high school course load). However, for a first-time dual credit student, we recommend starting with one course. Also, to take dual credit, you must have designated time (either a class period or academic period) under the supervision of a staff member here at HHS to work on your dual credit course.

Sound Interesting?

After reading the information about dual credit and the new course offerings, if this is something you are interested in for your student (or if you have additional questions), please complete the Google form below.