Pediatrician Health Science

By:Marie Tchocksi- Mrs.Bagley

Personal Strengths & Skills

I chose this because I love kids and I want to be able to help sick kids. I'm organized, caring,patience, and helpful. I have good social skills and I'm a great at listening to others. This is why I want to be a Pediatrician.

Educating and Training

This career requires a MD degree with is 10 years of school and training. You can also get a Doctoral and a Master's Degree. Some school subjects needed are Psychology, Math, Chemistry, Biology.
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Work Envirnoment

It will be will be a little stressful to work at this job because parents and kids depend on me to take care of them and their kids. I will also be working in an office for most my job or in the hospital. At this job I will be working a people and technology. As a pediatrician my work schedule will most likely vary.


I would make $170,870 as my annual salary as a pediatrician. At this job I will get paid on a hourly wage. My hourly pay will be $82.12 in Georgia.

Job Outlook

There will be a lot of jobs available in 2023. This percentage of jobs will be up by 39%.


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