Most Dangerous Game

Ka'Miel Cosuin Block One

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In the Most Dangerous Game there is a main conflict. Zaroff likes to hunt humans and when Rainsford "falls" off the ship he ends up on Zaroff's private island. Later on he finds out he Zaroff hunts human and then the conflict is that Zaroff is hunting Rainsford. Conflict is the problem that triggers action. Also it's the struggle between two opposing forces. In this story the conflict is man vs. man. Man vs. man is when one character has one problem or more with another character. Pg.24 " You'll find this game worth playing, " " Your brain against mine. Your woodcraft against mine. Your strength and stamina against mine " .

I chose this quote because it explains how Zaroff was hunting Rainsford and they were battling against each other to live.


In the Most Dangerous Game the are two main characters Rainsford and Zaroff. I think that Zaroff is the antagonists and Rainsford is the protagonists. The antagonists is the force working against the protagonists . The protagonists is the main character always involved in some kind of conflict or always struggling against something. Pg. 21 " I want an ideal animal to hunt," "what are the attributes of an ideal quarry?" " It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason." "But no animal can reason, " " My dear fellow, there is one that can." " But you can't mean- " " And why not?" "I can't believe your serious General Zaroff. This is a grisly joke." "Why should I not be serious? I am speaking of hunting," " Hunting? Good God, General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder."

I chose these quotes from the story because it shows how General Zaroff hunts humans and he wants to hunt Rainsford. Zaroff is the antagonists because he's the force working against the protagonists which is Rainsford.


In The Most Dangerous Game it took place on a private island. The setting describes where and when the story takes place. It helps build background and create images in the mind. Also it help set the tone and mood of the story. Pg. 15-16

Eagerly he hurried along, now slipping on a rotten log or a loose stone, but making headway; night was beginning to settle down on the island. Bleak darkness was blacking out the sea and jungle when Rainsford sighted the lights. He came upon them as he turned a crook in the coastline, and his first thought was that he had come upon a village, for there were many lights. But as he forged along he saw this great astonishment that all the lights were in one enormous building- .

I chose these sentences because it explained how Rainsford came upon General Zaroff's chateau. It also described how it looked when he came upon it.


Foreshadowing is when the author gives you hints when something is about to happen or something later on. There are four types of foreshadowing. I chose abstract for The Most Dangerous Game. Abstract foreshadowing is when the author gives you hints through thoughts, feelings a character has or the way a character acts.

Pg. 21 "No animal had a chance with me anymore-" "The animal had nothing but his legs and his instinct. Instinct is no match for reason." "I wanted the ideal animal to hunt,' It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason."

I chose these sayings because these comments from General Zaroff gave hints to Rainsford.The hints that he was giving Rainsford was that he hunts humans because animals give him no challenge.