Birds Birds Birds!

With Kaila,Carlisle,Jariah

Mute Swan

GENUS : Cygunus

Species: Cygunus olor

Family: Anatidae

Fact: Found on the 2004 commemorative Irish Euro.

Zebra Finch

GENUS: Taeniopygia

Species: Taeniopygia guttata

Family: Estrildidae

Fact: Found in Australia

Ruddy Duck

GENUS: Oxyura

Species: Oxyura jamaicensis

Family: Anatidae

Fact: Can swim and dive underwater and eats seeds and roots of aquatic plants and insects and crustaceans.

Great Blue Heron

Genus: Ardea

Speces: Ardea herodias

Family: Ardeidae

Fact: Average life span 15 years

White Pekin Duck/Domestic Duck

Genus: Anas/Cairina

Species: Anas platyrhynchos/Cairina Moschata

Family: Anatidae

Fact: Farmed for food.

American Coot

Genus: Fulica

Species: Fulica americana

Family: Rallidae

Fact: In Louisiana, the cajun word for coot is pouldeau, from the french word for coot.

American Black Duck

Genus: Anas

Species: Anas rubripes

Family: Anatidae

Fact: American Black Ducks are similar to Mallards they resemble the female Mallard in color, nut the Black Duck's bill is black.

Greater scaup

Genus: Aythya

Species: Aythya marila

Family: Anatidae

Fun Fact: The average amount of eggs is 9.

Ring-Billed Gull

Genus: Larus

Species: Larus delawarensis

family: Laridea

Fun Fact: The Ring-billed Gull is probably the most numerous gull in North America.

American Crow

Genus: Corvus

Species: Corvus Branchyrhynchos

Family: Corvidae

Fun Fact: The current American crow population is estimated to be around 31 million.

American Wigeon (female)

Genus: Anas

Species: Anas americana

Family: dabbling duck

Fun Fact: Female American wigeons lay an average of 9 eggs.


Genus: Anas

Species: Anas platyrthynchos

Family: Anatidae

Fun Fact: Mallards are considered to be one of the largest ducks.

  • Society Finch

    Genus: Lonchura

    Species: Lonchura striata domestica

    Family: Estrildid Finch

    Fun Fact: These birds were initially bred in Japan!

    Green Parakeet

    Genus: Aratinga

    Species: Aratinga holochlora

    Family: Psittacidae

    Fun Fact: Parakeets build their nests in holes found in trees rather than building nests


    Genus: Columba

    Species: Columba domestica

    Family: Columbidae

    Fun Fact: There are such things as pigeon races!!

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