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Reproductive System

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Male Reproductive system

Sperm is produced in the testes through the process of meiosis. Haploid have 23 chromosomes. The testes is about a size of a walnut and it produces sperm. Scrotum that has 2 pouches that each hold one outside of the body. The Vas defer-ens is a tube that sprem travels through when released by the testes. The urethra connects the 2 vas defer-ens and which then travels to the penis.

Female Reproductive System

The three proposes of the female reproductive system is to make eggs, receive sperm, and to give an environment that a baby can develop. Ovaries are where eggs are produced through meiosis. 1 egg is produced each month. The Fallopian tube which the eggs travel through and released from the ovary. The uterus is a fisted sized organ embryo grows. The vagina is a passageway where the baby is born and were sperm is deposited.


A regulation is testes temperature. On cold days during swimming the tests will retract closer to the body. Excessive heating will affect sperm motility. For the females the vagina pH is being controlled. It is usually keep at an acidic environment by secretions to kill microbes. The menstrual hormonal responds detrimental changes aim to create the best environment .
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Interaction With Other Body Systems

Circulatory System

The circulatory system regulates gas exchange. The reproductive system releases many hormones and the blood stream carries the hormones around the body.
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Immune System

The immune system scours the organism for "invaders". When they do allow something in they allow a disease called autoimmune.
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