My Digital Dossier

by :majd hawashin

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When I was 12 years old

I am 12 years old. I loved gymnastics and I still do, so every time I would learn new hard moves that I taught my self, I would share it. I also share my photos and videos every time I got a higher belt at my Taekwondo. I have so much social media sites that I don't even know I sighed up for. I have Instagram,, Facebook, snap chat, Roblox, pinterest, kizi games and many more. I even post pictures on some of these sites. If I knew what would have happend in the future I would not have made myself fall in a whole that clearly is impossible to get out of, And that is what social media is gonna do.

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Learn a lesson

Learn A lesson and think deep before you post something not just thinking oh well i'm private, ill delete it later, no because that's not going to happen. Don't fall in a hole that I did, try to stay as far as possible. I'm not saying don't have social media sites , im saying becareful of what you say, post, and do on it !