Entertainment in the 1920's

By: Jordan Carr, Macy Watson and Haley Ratcliff


  • Dr. Frank Conrad invented to first radio station call _________.
  • Radio stations included ______________, __________________________, ___________________,news/weather reports but also commercials for consumer's products
  • broadcasted from night clubs and music venues allowing the audience to listen to music with out leaving their home
  • $____million spent on radios and $400 million spent by __________ in the 1920's

Phonograph/ Recordings

  • Allowed people to listen to music they heard on the radio, when ever they want
  • Consumers began to care more about the __________ of favorite performers than the _________ of composers.
  • Before recording, consumers were expected to be able to _______ and _______ music sheets because that is the way music was contributed but when recordings were discovered consumers were able to enjoy the music
  • Helped produce a ______________ culture
  • ________ million records sold each year

Jazz and Dance Clubs

  • Jazz became part of African American cultural and artistic movement know as _____________ ______________
  • A symbol that demonstrated the depth and the richness of African American culture
  • The _________ ________ is a whites only club featuring African Americans performers
  • Both were a big step in ____________ ______________ between the segergated races

Popular Performers

  • Popular Jazz performers include ______________________________, _________________________, and _____________________________

Dance And Singers

  • Popular dances include ______________, _____________, _____________, and the black bottom
  • Dance ______________ were very popular